Monthly Archive: February 2013

Harry Reid and the death toll from delay

“I would remind Leader Cantor and his Republican colleagues of the seriousness of delay. Every minute House Republicans wait to act, another 24 Americans will become victims of domestic violence. Every day House Republicans stall, another three women will die at the hands of their abusers. Every year House Republicans put off action in order to please extremists within their…
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John McManus’ ‘SMELL test’

Veteran journalism critic John McManus came forth with a good article on evaluating online information sources, published online by PBS. “Don’t Be Fooled: Use the SMELL Test To Separate Fact from Fiction Online” encourages readers to test claims with a process that follows the SMELL acronym:   Introducing the SMELL test S stands for Source. Who is providing the information?…
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The House Republicans and the sequestration blame game

“FACT: It’s President Obama’s Sequester” –The United States House of Representatives Republican Conference   Overview President Obama proposed the sequester.  But Republicans who agreed to or voted for the sequestration deal get to share ownership of the policy once implemented. The Facts Reporter Bob Woodward reported in his book “The Price of Politics” that the budget sequestration idea, particularly for…
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Updated look

Zebra Fact Check logo

We’re close to making the site look like the way we planned it.   We have revised the pages of posts to show only the beginning of stories and posts with a “Continue reading” option, making it much easier to see all the recent stories with just a bit of scrolling.  The images accompanying the stories and posts give the site…
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