Correction request sent to PolitiFact, May 3, 2024

On May 3, 2024, Zebra Fact Check sent a correction request to PolitiFact concerning its assessment of Florida’s proposed abortion rights amendment. Of note, our request includes the claim that the Miami Herald evaluated the same claim and came to a different conclusion. In fact, the two stories looked at different, albeit equivalent, claims. We acknowledge the mistake while holding…
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A reply, of sorts, from the International Fact-Checking Network, March 20, 2024

Our trip to the Poynter Institute, followed by an email to the person I met at Poynter carrying a forwarded email from Aug. 9, 2023, ended up bearing some fruit. This page documents our email outreach thanking Alex Mahadevan for greeting us a Poynter, IFCN Director Angie Drobnic Holan’s reply, my reply to Holan and company and Poynter president Neil…
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