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IFCN News: Maldito Bulo moves to lapsed verification list, doesn’t (Updated)

Today, by 12:30 a.m. EDT, the International Fact-Checking Network had moved Maldito Bulo, a fact-checking organization from Spain, from its “Verified Signatories” list to the “Expired Verified Signatories” list. Maldito Bulo’s certification date was June 7, 2018. (United States) shared the same certification date but it remained on the “Verified Signatory” list. IFCN Director Baybars Örsek has said organizations…
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IFCN News: Fact checker from India violates IFCN Code of Principles?

The International Fact-Checking Network today announced via Twitter that it received a report that one of its verified signatories from India had violated the IFCN Code of Principles. We have been informed of a potential violation of the IFCN code of principles by one of our verified signatories in India. Further evaluation will be followed by communication with the related…
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IFCN News: Five fact-checking organizations coming due for reverification in June

June Anniversaries Five of 65 verified signatories to the International Fact-Checking Network’s statement of principles will come due for re-verification in June 2019. (US) June 7, 2018 Libération – CheckNews (France) June 11, 2018 Maldito Bulo (Spain) June 7, 2018 Pesa Check (Kenya) June 12, 2018 Science Feedback (France) June 7, 2018 IFCN Director Baybars Örsek has said that…
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IFCN News: The Fine Print from the Code of Principles

What does the IFCN Code of Principles Require? The International Fact-Checking Network first published its Code of Principles in 2016. After Facebook made adherence to the IFCN’s code of principles a requirement for partnering in its effort to limit misinformation, the IFCN developed an application and review process for would-be signatories. The application elaborates on the text of the original…
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IFCN News: Animal Politico Reverified on May 21, 2019

We’ve encouraged the International Fact-checking Network to systematically offer updates regarding its routine work of reviewing compliance with its code of principles. We don’t see that happening, so we’re taking it on ourselves to provide the type of news update we’d like to see from the IFCN. Unfortunately, we do not anticipate having the time to do this task adequately….
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Gray Areas of IFCN Verification

A fact-checking organization either is or is not a verified signatory of the International Fact-Checking Network’s code of principles. Right? In truth, it’s hard to tell. The system has gray areas. First, “partial compliance” apparently counts the same as “full compliance” with various IFCN criteria. Fact-checking organizations routinely pass inspection despite failing to fully comply with the IFCN code of…
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PolitiFact Gives Zebra Fact Check the Brush-off

The Brush-off On Oct. 3, 2018 Zebra Fact Check contacted PolitiFact to point out the need for a correction to a PolitiFact Missouri fact check from Sept. 20, 2018. Our message explained the correction was necessary because PolitiFact Missouri had rated “Mostly False” a claim PolitiFact had stated as true in 2013. PolitiFact gave Zebra Fact Check the brush-off. PolitiFact…
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Watching the Watchmen: Corrections

Not long after the International Fact-Checking Network committed to policing whether signatories to its code of principles were following that code, we observed that the means the IFCN chose to ensure compliance with its code set a low bar for fact-checking organizations. That bar was especially low for organizations’ policies for “open and honest” corrections: How does one verify scrupulous…
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Does PolitiFact Care About Accuracy?

PunditFact mistake corrections

PolitiFact Does a Poor Job With Corrections. We’ve belabored the point that PolitiFact has yet to fix two problems we pointed out to the International Fact-Checking Network. The independent assessor chosen by the IFCN wrote that the problems we pointed out deserved a reply. But despite the passage of months we have seen no evidence PolitiFact has either run a…
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