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Short news items and site announcements.

ZFC joins the “Report an Error Alliance”

This site has joined the Report an Error Alliance. Members agree to prominently post reminders for readers to report any errors they see.  That reminder helps remind readers, in turn, that the site’s proprietors value accuracy.  The Alliance encourages members to download and use its icons.  We’ve taken the liberty of modifying an icon (the originals come from Mignon Khargie)…
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How do you solve a problem like Martina?

Pardon the “Sound of Music” pun. The liberal blogosphere is once again agog at the inadequacy of PolitiFact’s rating system. Tennis great Martina Navratilova claimed 29 states lack legal protections against job discrimination over sexual orientation.  Specifically, she stated a person could be fired for either being gay or simply because the boss thinks they’re gay.  PolitiFact noted a few…
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Of fallacy and the rhetorical “booby trap”

We’re adding a new icon to our ratings arsenal. We use fallacy icons and descriptions from because that site did a great deal of good work designing fallacy icons—work we’d have ended up doing otherwise. also provides simplified descriptions of the fallacies well-suited to readers new to analyzing rhetoric in terms of logic. We use a variety of…
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Updated look

We’re close to making the site look like the way we planned it.   We have revised the pages of posts to show only the beginning of stories and posts with a “Continue reading” option, making it much easier to see all the recent stories with just a bit of scrolling.  The images accompanying the stories and posts give the site…
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Where’s the beef?

Alas!  Sorry for the lack of new content lately.  It’s not for lack of effort, as I’ve been working furiously on a fact check of PolitiFact Texas.  PolitiFact’s fact check had to do with a statement from President George Washington. My research on this one has proved so extensive that I’m planning a fact check entry as well as a…
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Two new rating icons added

Over the past weekend we created two new icons for use with our rating system. First, we filled the anticipated need for an “out of context” icon. We also added an icon for use with statements that rely on or suggest apples-to-oranges comparisons. More planned changes include a revised front-page presentation as well as  category pages that display only a…
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