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Security certificate added; fact checks and articles will follow

Our switch to WestHost servers was a tad bumpier than we hoped, but nearly all the issues have been resolved and we have finally added … Continue reading

Server problems

Our hosting service very recently had an hours-long problem with our server, resulting in an extended down time. We apologize for the inconvenience to those … Continue reading

Time off

There’s a heretofore unexplained gap in the output at Zebra Fact Check running from July through October of 2015. I was hired by a non-profit, … Continue reading

Brendan Nyhan blunders closer to the truth

Brendan Nyhan, Dartmouth College

Maybe political scientist Brendan Nyhan is closing in on the truth. Nyhan, of Dartmouth College, was part of a New Hampshire Public Radio interview on … Continue reading

Did Fiorina say Obama was preparing for 250,000 Syrian refugees?

Did Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina say Obama was planning to accept 250,000 Syrian refugees? On Nov. 26, 2015 international news agency Agence France-Presse published … Continue reading

The trouble with the AP’s climate change fact check

When The Associated Press ran a headline proclaiming a climate science fact check of presidential candidates, we smelled trouble. Journalists tend to struggle with science. … Continue reading

Journalism’s brave new world?

Over the years, we’ve noticed that fact checkers tend not to target other mainstream media for fact checks even though those media are at times … Continue reading

A letter to Zebra Fact Check

Here’s a contact note we received in January: First off, get with the program and implement SSL. Why would I give my regular name and … Continue reading

Glenn Kessler defends his use of the Neil Newhouse quotation

Early on Dec. 31, 2014 we published a critique of the way the three major mainstream fact checkers,, the Washington Post Fact Checker and … Continue reading

Review: “Truthiness Check”

A different approach to fact checking partially unveiled itself on the Web in October 2014. Dubbed “Truthiness Check,” the site takes a Wikipedian approach to … Continue reading