IFCN News: Fact Check Georgia re-verified

On June 14, 2019 Fact Check Georgia re-appeared on the International Fact-Checking Network’s list of verified signatories to its Code of Principles. The independent assessment was dated May 24, 2019, and shows on the IFCN website as accepted by its governing board on June 13, 2019.

The independent assessor, Sarphan Uzunoğlu, praised Fact Check Georgia’s professionalism:

It seems to be the most successful application I’ve seen so far. They have provided documents and material for almost everything and they seem to know the rules of IFCN very well. It was a professionally prepared application with only some minor errors which I mentioned in my evaluation. However, these are very tolerable and their efforts seem to be transparent enough. Especially, their transparency regarding their income, which most fact-checkers lack to be transparent about, is very important and their publication policy (even if it has a riskful theme) went so well so far.

The assessment rates Fact Check Georgia fully compliant with each of the IFCN criteria with the exception of 6b, addressing corrections policies. Uzunoğlu rated Fact Check Georgia partially compliant with 6b as it has no page dedicated to showing all its corrected stories.

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