IFCN News: IFCN verifies Fatabyyano Project

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The International Fact-Checking Network added Jordan’s Fatabyyano Project to its list of verified signatories to the IFCN Code of Principles on June 20, 2019.

The IFCN’s independent assessor, Sarphan Uzunoğlu, recommended accepting the Fatabyyano Project on the condition it made some changes:

They need to be more transparent about their financial models. Their existing statement is shady and not explanatory at all. Besides this, they seem to be operating fairly and they have a long history of fact-checking. Stories they provided seem to have a stable language and they have stayed loyal to their agenda. I think they should be asked to submit more details about their financial structure and policies regarding non-partisanship.

Uzunoğlu praised Fatabyyano Project’s system for communicating with its audience:

Their content [contact?–ed.] module seems to be more developed than other institutions I made asse(s)sments for so far. Of course using instant messaging services or other direct or public channels may encourage more people to get in touch with them.

The IFCN also newly verified Vrai ou fake? – France info on June 20, 2019

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