IFCN News: New verified IFCN signatory: UAB Delfi

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On June 13, 2019 the International Fact-Checking Network added UAB Delfi (Lithania) to its list of verified signatories to its Code of Principles.

Independent assessor Martiins Kaprans recommended accepting UAB Delfi contingent on making changes (“Accept with edits”) to its fact-check publishing frequency and disclosure about its staff:

The applicant is reliable and professional organization who can contribute to the fact-checking culture in Lithuania. The application can be accepted, if the applicant agrees to increase the regularity of fact-checking articles and provide additional information about the team who is behind the fact-checking articles.

Kaprans’ evaluation of UAB Delfi carried the date May 13, 2019. The assessment includes comments from UAB Delfi in response to Kaprans’ recommendation:

So we finally have the adjusted the bios and contact list, which can be found here. It is being constantly updated as it is allowed for any DELFI journalist to join, as long as they agree with the code of ethics. Speaking of the frequency of the articles, it will take time and we aim to start working heavily on this as soon as the presidential and EU parliament elections pass (end of May).

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