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Complaint to the International Fact-Checking Network about PolitiFact, May 19, 2020

complaint to the international fact-checking network about PolitiFact

On May 19, 2020, Zebra Fact Check submitted a formal complaint about PolitiFact to the International Fact-Checking Network. The complaint alleges that a PolitiFact explainer article on the Gen. Michael Flynn prosecution reversal reported self-contradictory information and presented readers with a completely one-sided view of the Justice Department’s decision. The complaint also notes PolitiFact failed to fix the described problems…
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Correction request sent to PolitiFact, May 18, 2020

PolitiFact Pennsylvania published a fact check on May 14, 2020 and used information published after May 10, 2020 to justify a “False” rating it issued to a statement published on May 9, 2020. PolitiFact’s statement of principles assures readers it judges political claims based on information available when the claim was made. Zebra Fact Check sent notice to PolitiFact about…
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Email outreach/correction request to PolitiFact, March 23-April 17, 2020

When PolitiFact Health Check published a fact check that took President Trump out of context at least three separate times in the service of a misleading narrative, we asked PolitiFact to fix the problem. PolitiFact has apparently made no move to fix its fact check or reply to our critique. Correction May 21, 2020: Tweaked the title to read “March…
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Correction request submitted to PolitiFact, April 20, 2020

PolitiFact, and particularly PolitiFact North Carolina, have done a poor job reporting the issue of legal protections for persons with pre-existing conditions seeking health insurance. A fact check from PolitiFact North Carolina made it sound like repeal of the Affordable Care Act could end “coverage” for people with pre-existing conditions. In fact, it would have ended the ACA’s particular protections…
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Media Bias/Fact Check Blinded by Science Feedback? (Updated)

Recently we chanced on the Science Feedback evaluation at Media Bias/Fact Check, a website that uses subjective ratings to score the bias and accuracy of various websites (including Zebra Fact Check). Apparently blinded by “Science,” Media Bias/Fact Check gave Science Feedback its highest rating for factual accuracy. Indeed, Media Bias/Fact Check proclaimed Science Feedback a “Pro-Science” source. Yet in 2019…
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