‘Your Republican Uncle’ put to the test

Your Republican Uncle

Announcing a fact check series on the DNC’s “Your Republican Uncle.”

Your Republican Uncle

This is not the DNC’s image of “Your Republican Uncle.” We added the words to a public domain image.

Sometimes fact checks just fall into our lap.  Other times we have to hunt for interesting statements to check.  We give thanks to the Democratic National Committee for sponsoring a set of talking points meant to answer conservative family members during the holidays.  The site, under the title “Your Republican Uncle” offers four five sets of points intended to dispel Republican myths.

The series helps a great deal with choosing fact check stories since the DNC doubtless chose subjects of interest to voters.

We’ll update this post each time we complete a category.

Gender Equity


Health Care



  • Myth:  Immigration reform will allow illegal immigrants to take away jobs from hard-working Americans.
  • Myth:  A path to citizenship will hurt our economy.
  • Myth:  Immigration reform will bankrupt this country.
  • Myth:  The DREAM Act lets illegal immigrants go to college for free at the expense of Americans.
  • Myth:  Immigration reform just gives amnesty to all the people who came here illegally, and that just means more people will come here illegally.

*We corrected the order of the words from the way it originally appears at the DNC’s website.

Update Jan. 9, 2014

Updated links to fact checks of the DNC’s statements on the economy, inserted the DNC’s new “Gender Equity” section before the other sections, parallel to the DNC’s presentation.  Gave a strikethrough to the total number of categories, updating that number to five.

Update May 10, 2014

Added two new “myths” to the section on the DNC’s statements about healthcare, and added links to the corresponding fact checks.


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