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Does the AARP claim Romney’s plan would ‘undermine Medicare’?

Obama campaign video:  “AARP says (Romney’s plan) ‘would undermine … Medicare.’”   Overview An October 9 Obama campaign video presents the AARP as saying the Romney/Ryan premium support “voucher” system “would undermine … Medicare.”   The Facts The campaign video makes a series of claims about the Romney “voucher system” proposal before using a partial quotation from the AARP.  The…
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Ryan plan would let Romney pay less than 1 percent in taxes?

President Obama: “(Congressman Ryan) put forward a plan that would let Governor Romney pay less than 1 percent in taxes each year.” Overview President Obama made an accurate statement about the budget proposal vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan made in 2010. However, Ryan has since updated his tax reform proposal and it no longer would allow Romney to pay less…
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President Obama repeats claim he did not raise taxes

President Obama: “I haven’t raised taxes.”   Overview On the CBS program “60 Minutes” aired on Sept. 23, President Obama said “I haven’t raised taxes” as part of his defense against Mitt Romney’s attacks on his economic policies. Justifying the statement appears difficult. The Facts Mr. Obama’s statement occurred during the following exchange with CBS interviewer Steve Kroft:   KROFT:…
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