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PolitiFact Ohio claims increased federal expenses for the ACA’s Medicaid expansion do not contribute to the federal deficit

What about (Ohio state senator Maag’s broader point — that Medicaid expansion under Obamacare would result in more deficit spending? … But the facts, projections and law, as they exist today, do not support his claim. We rate it False. —PolitiFact Ohio   Overview PolitiFact Ohio uses specious reasoning in its rating of a Republican lawmaker from Ohio. The Facts…
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Nancy Pelosi says health care reform drives the decrease in the budget deficit

 “The Affordable Care Act is bringing the cost of health care in our country down in both the public and private sector. And that is what is largely responsible for the deficit coming down.” —House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, May 13, 2013   Overview A logic deficit undermines Pelosi’s claim about the budget deficit. The Facts House Democratic Leader Nancy…
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President Obama says there’s no evidence that Obamacare increases insurance premiums

“And whenever insurance premiums go up, you’re being told it’s because of Obamacare — even though there’s no evidence that that’s the case.” —President Barack Obama, May 10, 2013   Overview Perhaps the president misspoke.  The ACA has a number of features that experts agree will raise premium costs. The Facts President Obama made his remarks about the ACA in…
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