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Complaint sent to the International Fact-Checking Network about Reuters Fact Check, Aug. 11, 2022

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Is abortion ever medically necessary? Reuters Fact Check addressed that question back in late 2021 but committed a fallacy of equivocation in its fact check (documented here in detail). On July 30, 2022, Zebra Fact Check asked Reuters Fact Check for a correction of its fallacious reasoning. After over a week of apparent inaction from Reuters Fact Check, Zebra Fact…
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Reuters Fact Check dumps context to fact check abortion tweet

Zebra Fact Check found Reuters Fact Check using the same fallacy four fact-checking organizations “verified” as to their compliance with the International Fact-Checking Network’s Code of Principles used in rating a claim from anti-elective-abortion group Live Action. Live Action said abortion is never medically necessary to save the life of the mother. Facebook justified censoring the offending meme by citing…
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