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The White House uses president’s State of the Union address to peddle VAWA misinformation

“The Violence Against Women Act. “Between 1993-2010, the rate of intimate partner violence declined 64 percent.  Between 1993-2007, the rate of intimate partner homicides of women decreased 35 percent.  And the rate of intimate partner homicides of men decreased 46 percent.” –The White House’s enhanced version of President Obama’s State of the Union speech for 2013   Overview The White…
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PolitiFact claims the Violence Against Women Act accounts for a significant portion of the decline in domestic violence from 1994-2010

“The Violence Against Women Act — in the news this week following a U.S. Senate vote to reauthorize it — has been linked to reductions in domestic violence, according to several PolitiFact fact checks.” –Tom Kertscher, editor of PolitiFact Wisconsin   Overview Kertscher’s right that PolitiFact has linked the Violence Against Women Act to reductions in domestic violence.  Scant evidence…
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Harry Reid and the death toll from delay

“I would remind Leader Cantor and his Republican colleagues of the seriousness of delay. Every minute House Republicans wait to act, another 24 Americans will become victims of domestic violence. Every day House Republicans stall, another three women will die at the hands of their abusers. Every year House Republicans put off action in order to please extremists within their…
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