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Thanks to problems with appearances after a theme update, we are changing to a different one.

The prime consideration was finding a theme that preserved most of the old site’s features while making quoted material stand out from the rest of the text. We were very happy with the way the old theme accomplished that, with the caveat that it required us to put an extra space after every quotation to make things look right. With the new theme the extra space looks goofy. It looks so goofy that we will take the time to tweak our old posts to get rid of the extra spaces. Fun!

One unanticipated problem with the update was the necessity or rebuilding the content in our sidebar from scratch. We expect to finish that work in less than one week.
In other news, we are moving forward with plans to incorporate as a not-for-profit and create a new fact-checking organization and website incorporating some of the methods and lessons learned from this one. That work will occur over a period of months and will have little impact on this site until the new project takes flight.

Update: The update broke our system of having different blog categories on the tab menu. Until we get around to fixing that, the posts on the main page have the categories listed below the preview snippet. Clicking the category will achieve the same effect that was once achieved using the tab system: viewing all the posts in that category in reverse chronological order.

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