Monthly Archive: March 2014

Review: “The Epistemology of Fact Checking”

A critical review of and reflection on The Epistemology of Fact Checking by Joseph E. Uscinski and Ryden W. Butler   epis·te·mol·o·gy:  the study or a theory of the nature and grounds of knowledge especially with reference to its limits and validity   In their paper The Epistemology of Fact Checking (hereafter “Epistemology“), published in October 2013, authors Joseph E….
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The DNC says it’s a myth that Obamacare should be unconstitutional

“Myth:  Obamacare should be unconstitutional.” —The Democratic National Committee, on its “Your Republican Uncle” website, Nov. 25, 2013 Overview As with some other claims on the Democratic National Committee’s “Your Republican Uncle” website, this claim misleads with ambiguity. The Facts In November of 2013 the Democrat National Committee kicked off “,” a website the DNC says is intended to answer…
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