Monthly Archive: April 2020

An Unhealthy ‘PolitiFact Health Check’

This week PolitiFact, with its franchise partner Kaiser Health News, published what was, in effect, a fact check of a prediction by President Barack Obama. “PolitiFact Health Check” awarded Mr. Obama a “True” rating for his prediction. Spoiler: For good reason, fact checkers usually try to avoid doing fact checks on predictions. A Trump Lawsuit Seeking to Overturn the ACA?…
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Facebook’s Fact-Checking Needs Work

For whatever reason, we encounter very few examples of Facebook’s fact-checking effort while using Facebook. An example today renews our concerns about that effort, with the system flagging a picture the fact-checking system associated with false content. “See Why”? Let’s. The photo of two women wearing facemasks supposedly counts as false information because a “Viral poem about staying home was…
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The International Fact-Checking Network updates its ‘Code of Principles’

In December 2019 verified signatories of the International Fact-Checking Network’s Code of Principles voted on some revisions to the Code of Principles. In April 2020 the IFCN updated its website describing its code, unveiling the new version to the public. Zebra Fact Check issued a signing statement relating to the original code, affirming the parts we approved and stating the…
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