Clarification request sent to The Healthy Indian Project on July 23, 2022, with response

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On July 23, 2022 Zebra Fact Check sent a clarification request to International Fact-Checking Network verified signatory The Healthy Indian Project asking it to resolve an equivocation problem in an abortion fact check. We were pleased to receive a response from THIP’s founder and CEO Sudipta Sengupta on July 24, 2022. Zebra Fact Check sent its reply to the THIP…
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Email outreach to Susan Benkelman of the American Press Institute

After noticing an 20-word verbatim quotation without quotation marks in the “Factually” newsletter jointly published by the American Press Institute and the Poynter Institute, we emailed Susan Benkelman, the API co-author of the July 2, 2020 edition of the newsletter, to find the explanation for not clarifying the attribution and/or adding quotation marks. Benkelman directs API’s accountability journalism program. We…
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Email Outreach to IFCN Director Baybars Orsek, Oct. 6, 2019

After Zebra Fact Check received a message from the International Fact-Checking Network’s outside assessor, Michael Wagner, describing the flawed reasoning he used to dismiss our complaints to the IFCN about PolitiFact, we contacted IFCN Director Baybars Orsek to ask for confirmation that what Wagner sent us was the same reasoning he sent to the IFCN. This email exchange also marks…
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Email Outreach to Poynter Institute President Neil Brown, Nov. 25, 2019

Following up on a lack of response from the International Fact-Checking Network regarding our inquiries, we phoned the Poynter Institute to try coaxing an official response either from the IFCN or its parent organization. Zebra Fact Check’s phone call was transferred to the office of the Neil Brown, president of the Poynter Institute. We left a phone message and then…
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Email exchange with IFCN Director Baybars Örsek, July 26, 2019-Sept 23, 2019

complaint to the international fact-checking network about PolitiFact

After confirming that the IFCN’s outside assessor responsible for PolitiFact’s 2019 IFCN verification renewal had not received complaints submitted to the IFCN about PolitiFact, we reached out to the International Fact-Checking Network to find out more information and try to resolve the problem. The email exchange with PolitiFact Director Baybars Örsek spans about two months. Find a .pdf version of…
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Email exchange with Warren Fiske (PolitiFact Virginia), with notes

In March of 2019 we noticed some discrepancies in a gender wage gap article by Warren Fiske of PolitiFact Virginia. We sent messages asking about the discrepancies and received replies from Fiske. Notably, PolitiFact did make at least three changes to its story in apparent response to our messages. The email exchange occurs below, excluding some extra messages stemming from…
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