Monthly Archive: February 2015

Would the 2013 immigration reform bill have allowed immigrants to take American jobs?

“Myth: Immigration reform will allow illegal immigrants to take away jobs from hard-working Americans.” —The Democratic National Committee, from its “Your Republican Uncle” website, November 2013   Overview Not every illegal immigrant would take away the job of a hard-working American citizen, but it’s likely some would. The Facts Our examination of the Democratic National Committee’s “Your Republican Uncle” website…
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Revisiting the Romney Jeep ad

Fact Checkers are Great Because They Condemned Mitt Romney’s Jeep Ad? In the peer-reviewed article Revisiting the Epistemology of Fact-Checking, researcher Michelle A. Amazeen offers readers an example of the beneficial effects of good fact-checking: When a framework of fact-checking becomes established, it should become more difficult for a politician to fabricate claims. For example, at the end of the…
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