Policy on Corrections and Clarifications

At Zebra Fact Check, we strive to sustain the highest standards of journalistic accuracy and transparency.

Sometimes we make mistakes.  Sometimes we catch our own mistakes, sometimes others point them out.  Either way, we try to correct the mistake with transparency proportional to the magnitude of the mistake.

For mistakes significantly affecting the meaning and/or accuracy of our work, we correct the error and document it with a post in our Corrections category.  That Corrections category is readily found on our navigation tabs just under the header.

For lesser mistakes, such as omitted words or unclear statements needing revision, we do not post to the Corrections category but instead place a correction notice at the bottom of the article (ahead of the source list, where applicable).  We’ll also use this method for corrections of misspelled proper names.

We typically correct minor typographical errors without special notice, though when such errors are found by readers we offer the reader the option of receiving credit for pointing out the mistake.  When a reader wants to receive that credit, we will use the method described just above, placing a correction notice at the bottom of the article.

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