Monthly Archive: January 2018

Behind the Google-targeting-conservative-websites charge

On Jan 9, 2017 the Daily Caller broke a story about Google’s search engine providing media information apparently slanted against conservative websites. Conservative websites like The Daily Wire and Newsbusters quickly echoed the Daily Caller’s story. Mediaite also joined in. Here’s how Mediaite’s Joseph A. Wulfsohn described the situation: When searching individual websites that have a blatant political slant, two…
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Email and Twitter outreach to Raw Story, Sarah Burris

Email correspondence between Zebra Fact Check and the Raw Story corrections team on January 3, 2017 : Dear RawStory corrections team, Headline: Trump supporters far more likely to read and share ‘fake news’ on social media: study Story (bold emphasis added): They’re still measuring the degree to which fake news impacted the 2016 election, however, this study only measured how…
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Tinkering with a new look

Thanks to problems with appearances after a theme update, we are changing to a different one. The prime consideration was finding a theme that preserved most of the old site’s features while making quoted material stand out from the rest of the text. We were very happy with the way the old theme accomplished that, with the caveat that it…
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