Correction: Substituted duplicate IFCN complaint for a different complaint

In 2019, when we were posting a string of correction requests and formal complaints to PolitiFact and the International Fact-Checking Network, respectively, we posted one complaint about PolitiFact Oregon twice instead of posting about a separate case involving PolitiFact Oregon. We did what we believed was a correction on the complaint to the IFCN, thinking the problem was merely embedding…
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Misspelled ‘Demings’

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In our Feb. 7, 2020 examination of PolitiFact’s Feb. 3, 2020 fact check of Rep. Val Demings we were guilty of misspelling “Demings” by giving it two m’s in one instance. We corrected our mistake on Dec Feb . 7, 2020. Correction Feb. 7, 2020: The correction detailed above did not occur on Dec. 7 2020, which isn’t here yet,…
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Corrections to our critique of Aaron Huertas and the Poynter Institute

After we posted our critique of Aaron Huertas’ evidence backing his claim about a Florida government gag order on discussion of climate change, Huertas contacted us to let us know he annotated the article on the Genius website. Though Huertas’ response failed in answering the meat of our criticism, he found two mistakes that we hasten to correct. Moreover, reviewing…
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Wrong equal pay equation

We gave too little thought to the math of “Equal Pay Day” in our criticism of the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler, concluding in the third-to last paragraph that “Equal Pay Day” in 2014 implied a 27-cent gender pay gap. Performed correctly, the equation shows a gap of about 21 cents. To correct the item we deleted two grafs. We preserve…
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Correction to our report of a contraceptive study

An anonymous visitor used our “Report an Error” feature on Dec. 14, 2014: Please describe the error: You cite a study that finds: “researchers from Washington University in fact observed a statistically significant decrease in the number of sexual partners participants reported” Then you conclude that: “The study from the Contraceptive Choice Project gives some weak evidence that free contraception…
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The old omitted word trick

In a July 19, 2014 fact check of an Associated Press fact check, we omitted a word in our summary section leading to the need for a correction. The sentence originally stated that the “Question from Don” ad from the Alison Lundergan Grimes campaign for one of Kentucky’s two senate seats was Grimes’ first television ad.  We had reviewed reporting…
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