Monthly Archive: April 2014

An ‘Equal Pay Day’ Glennocchio

Jack Marshall of the Ethics Alarms blog slammed Democrats for their gender wage gap demagoguery with an April 15 post.  That post directly inspires this critique of Glenn Kessler’s treatment of the gender pay gap.  Kessler writes the Washington Post’s fact checks as the Washington Post Fact Checker. The key deception the Democrats use on the gender pay gap issue…
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DNC: It’s a myth the ACA makes taxpayers fund abortion

“Myth:  Obamacare requires American taxpayers to fund abortion.” —The Democratic National Committee, Nov. 25, 2013 on its “Your Republican Uncle” website   Overview The DNC’s claim helps remind us that complex issues are easily oversimplified.  The DNC simplifies this claim in a misleading way. The Facts We continue our series on the Democratic National Committee’s “Your Republican Uncle” website with…
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