Monthly Archive: September 2021

Correction to correction request description

Our description of our correction request published to the website on Sept. 14, 2021 contained errors based on false conclusions we drew about CDC data. Zebra Fact Check sought a correction from Repustar/FactSparrow based on our belief it had failed to distinguish between CDC statistics on new hospital admissions and hospitalizations. In fact, Zebra Fact Check erred its interpretation of…
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Correction request sent to Repustar/FactSparrow (Updated/Corrected)

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Fact checker Repustar, represented on Twitter as “FactSparrow,” published a fact brief that (we believed) confused hospital admissions for coronavirus with coronavirus hospitalizations, though the CDC reports very different statistics for each. After seeing no movement on the issue based on Twitter outreach, Zebra Fact Check emailed Repustar to encourage a correction to the misinformation (we believed we detected). Update…
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