Bryan W. White

I graduated from the journalism program at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg in 2008. The university campus is located across the street from the Poynter Institute, which owns both the Tampa Bay Times (then known as the St. Petersburg Times) and PolitiFact.

I regarded Poynter’s 2007 foray into fact checking with hope and interest at first, but that changed quickly to horror. I couldn’t believe that the Times would produce a product so deeply inferior to the Annenberg Fact Check model.

My blogging gradually changed its focus to criticism of PolitiFact.  I hoped that vigorous criticism would help PolitiFact reach for a higher set of standards.

The passage of time has made clear that process is either slow or simply not occurring.

So it’s time for Zebra Fact Check. Zebra Fact Check will help provide ideological diversity in fact checking. Aside from the problems at PolitiFact, all the major fact check services have an ideological hole in their fact checks. Zebra will look to shore up that weakness and shine some light on statements the other fact checkers overlook. And Zebra won’t hesitate to call out other fact check services for mishandling facts.

We’ll do our own fact checks with an eye toward resisting criticism.


Correction:  Graduated in Jan. 2008; finished classes in 2007.  Originally stated 2007 as graduation year.


  1. Mep

    This is a lot like your blog in that no one cares about it.

    1. Bryan W. White (Post author)

      You cared enough to post a reply. Thanks!

  2. Colleen

    Yes, Bryan, ignore the criticism. You have a great site here and are doing good work bringing out the truth in the midst of the rhetoric. For some that disagree with the truth, it is a junior high thrill for them to deliver a cheap put-down, as you no doubt recognize. My sister also went to University of South Florida. She still lives in Tampa.

  3. Kevin Purcell (KP)

    Bryan, I found your site via comments at The Moderate Voice with some sparring with Ron Chusid. Happy about that! I hope to read regularly. Thanks.

    1. Bryan W. White (Post author)

      Welcome, Kevin, and thanks.

      1. KP

        Impressive stuff.

  4. Raul Byrd

    Just found your site and am looking forward to straight forward, honest to goodness fact checking. I’m a social studies teacher and would like a reliable source to use for my class.

    Katy, TX

    1. Bryan W. White (Post author)

      Thanks for visiting and commenting, Raul.

      I can’t recommend this site as a sole resource for fact-checking at this time. I’m one person working on the site part-time. The site is best used to supplement the findings of other fact checkers while also serving as a caution that fact checkers need to do a better job. We need to do a better job showing our work and a better job reasoning our conclusions. This site aims to encourage those outcomes.


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