We have identified the need for a media and fact check watchdog.

To effectively fill that role, we plan to seek non-profit 501(c)(3) status as an educational institution under a name more befitting that expanded role.

Obtaining non-profit status takes time and resources we do not have without reader support. We estimate $2,000 will allow us to obtain not-for-profit status. After the IRS approves our 501(c)(3) status we may then tell supporters that their gifts are tax deductible.

We will accept gifts toward either of two funds (visit this page to give). The main fund will contribute toward the creation of a new non-profit and non-partisan media and fact check watchdog. We think we can do that work effectively with a staff of three to four for much less than the over $300,000 Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe reportedly earned in 2017.

The secondary fund will support the continued online existence of Zebra Fact Check. Web hosting, SSL certificate and domains cost us less than $200 in 2017, just to provide a baseline figure.

The new media watchdog will aim to improve media reporting and fact-checking through accountability and transparency. The new site will also publish fact checks and explanatory articles while encouraging critical thinking. In short, we will take what we have learned in over 10 years of fact-checking work and try to make a big positive mark on the media landscape.

Until we are able to launch the new website, Zebra Fact Check will largely focus on showing the need for a new media watchdog.

Financial disclosure policy

In keeping with our aim to set the industry standard for transparency, we disclose the names of all those giving gifts in excess of $100. Givers wishing to sustain anonymity should give less than $100 over the course of a year.

Other than publishing the names (city & state) of those giving over $100, we will not disclose personal information regarding our list of donors.


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  1. veropat7

    So why dis O’Keefe? He’s doing an amazing job which is much needed. I hope I don’t find out you’re another Soros organiztion.


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