Monthly Archive: March 2015

It’s a myth Obama wants the U.S. alone to stop climate change?

“Myth: President Obama wants the United States to stop climate change alone.” —The Democratic National Committee, December 2014 on its “Your Republican Uncle” website   Overview The DNC identifies a myth nobody’s spreading and offers a dubious example of President Obama’s actions to cut carbon emissions The Facts The Democratic National Committee bills its “Your Republican Uncle” website as a…
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FiveThirtyEight and atheists in prison

“Atheists are underrepresented [in federal prison].” Mona Chalabi, in a March 12, 2015 article for FiveThirtyEight   Overview FiveThirtyEight uses data inadequate for the task of estimating the percentage of atheists in federal prison. FiveThirtyEight’s argument won’t even support a probabilistic case that atheists are underrepresented in the federal prison population. The Facts FiveThirtyEight’s Mona Chalabi received a request from…
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Did Netanyahu take Kerry out of context?

“Netanyahu Takes Kerry Out of Context” —, from a March 3, 2015 fact check of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu   Overview’s assertion that Prime Minister Netanyahu took Secretary of State Kerry out of context appears to lack any basis in fact. The Facts On March 3, 2015, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a well-publicized address to both…
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