Monthly Archive: October 2013

Study: You can fool some of the people some of the time

A critical review of Jordan Humphreys’ “When Lies Matter:  The Effect of Media Coverage of Misinformation on Public Opinion in the Health Care Reform Debate”   Zebra Fact Check started in part to help express my concern about the state of high-quality information.  The sources normally deemed worthy of trust, like journalists and academia, tend to have liberals in control. …
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PolitiFact or PolitiFancy?

“[Sen. Ted] Cruz said Obamacare has led to premiums going up and up and up for virtually every person.” —PolitiFact, Oct. 17, 2013     Overview PolitiFact provides a sterling example of settling on an improbable interpretation of a politician’s statement. The Facts On Oct. 17, 2013, mainstream fact checker PolitiFact examined a statement from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas): “President…
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Media Matters proclaims it ‘myth’ that health care law will increase premiums

“Myth #2: Premium Prices Will Increase Due To Health Care Law” —Media Matters for America, Oct. 1, 2013     Overview If saying it makes it true then Media Matters has a good argument. The Facts On Oct. 1, 2013, Media Matters for America published a list of what it calls “myths” about the health care law, commonly known as the ACA…
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Can fact checkers keep the ACA debate honest?

A skeptical treatment of Nyhan and Reifler’s latest study Readers should be aware I’ve referred to Brendan Nyhan as a “truth-hustler” in earlier writings. The team of Brendan Nyhan and Jason Reifler created yet another stir recently with their latest study of media effects, “The Effects of Fact Checking Threat.”  Brendan Nyhan holds a post at Dartmouth College as assistant…
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Universal coverage under the ACA costs the same as the Medicare drug benefit program over 10 years?

President Obama official portrait

“The total cost of the Affordable Care Act to provide health insurance for every American out there at an affordable rate is costing about the same amount over the course of ten years as the cost of the prescription-drug bill that President Bush passed.” —President Barack Obama, Sept. 24, 2013   Overview The president simplifies a complicated picture in ways…
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Was being a woman a pre-existing condition before passage of the ACA?

“Not long ago, the GOP took the government to the brink of shutdown, trying to defund Planned Parenthood. And now they’re threatening to shut down the government if they can’t destroy Obamacare. “If they’re successful, it’s really bad for women and families. We’ll go back to a time when insurance didn’t have to fully cover birth control. When simply being…
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