Monthly Archive: February 2024

PolitiFact stands pat with misleading Bush v. Gore narrative

PolitiFact published an explainer of the Trump ballot removal case before the Supreme Court. The Feb. 8, 2024 article had what we consider an ambiguous description of the Supreme Court case Bush v. Gore from 2000: The last time the Supreme Court played such a pivotal role in the presidential race was in 2000, when the justices ruled 5-4 to…
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Review: ‘Bias in Fact Checking?: An Analysis of Partisan Trends Using PolitiFact Data’

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An Honors Thesis by a Duke University economics student recently came to my attention. Writing in 2023, Thomas A. Colicchio mathematically analyzed PolitiFact “Truth-O-Meter” ratings in an attempt to objectively measure bias. We found an error in his approach that renders a portion of his findings effectively moot. As for the rest, it helps build the case against PolitiFact’s supposed…
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