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Would the 2013 immigration reform bill have allowed immigrants to take American jobs?

“Myth: Immigration reform will allow illegal immigrants to take away jobs from hard-working Americans.” —The Democratic National Committee, from its “Your Republican Uncle” website, November 2013   Overview Not every illegal immigrant would take away the job of a hard-working American citizen, but it’s likely some would. The Facts Our examination of the Democratic National Committee’s “Your Republican Uncle” website…
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PolitiFact and the Deportation Deception

“It’s too soon to say that Obama has deported more people than any other president. But with the information available, it looks like he’s on track to do so. We rate her claim Half True.” —PolitiFact, summarizing a March 9, 2014 fact check of National Council of La Raza president Janet Murguía   Overview PolitiFact’s balancing act on President Barack Obama’s…
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