Facebook’s Fact-Checking Needs Work

For whatever reason, we encounter very few examples of Facebook’s fact-checking effort while using Facebook.

An example today renews our concerns about that effort, with the system flagging a picture the fact-checking system associated with false content.

“See Why”? Let’s.

The photo of two women wearing facemasks supposedly counts as false information because a “Viral poem about staying home was written in 2020, not 1869.”

It appears the Facebook system somehow associated the image with content of a poem supposedly written in 1869 but actually written in 2020.

The false Facebook post used the image of the two women wearing facemasks. Apparently that has rendered the photo itself false in Facebook’s eyes.

On the plus side, at least the Facebook system features enough transparency so a user can look at the fact check material and see it has little to nothing to do with the shared image.

As positives go, that’s pretty minor.

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