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Complaint sent to the International Fact-Checking Network about AP Fact Check, August 2, 2022

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AP Fact Check failed to act in response to Zebra Fact Check’s correction request noting the former’s fallacy of equivocation in an abortion fact check. Accordingly, we sent a complaint to the International Fact-Checking Network noting AP Fact Check’s failure to scrupulously follow an open and honest corrections policy. Note: The embedded document differs from the one sent to the…
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Is abortion ever medically necessary? Second-guessing AP Fact Check

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When AP Fact Check looked at the question of whether abortion ever counts as medically necessary, we found its reasoning of a kind with the Health Feedback/Science Feedback fact check we panned back in 2019. Both fact checks equivocated on the key term “abortion,” and AP Fact Check went further by failing to identify key sources. The Equivocation Game In…
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