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PolitiFact abets witch hunt for ‘climate change deniers’

“Organizing for Action said that Rubio ‘refuses to accept the basic science’ on climate change and is ‘a climate change denier.’ … We rate the statement ‘Mostly True.’” —PolitiFact, Aug. 16, 2013   Overview PolitiFact’s ruling defies logic and sets aside its own standards. The Facts PolitiFact used an email from OFA’s Ivan Frishman as the subject of its fact…
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OFA and the ‘climate change deniers’

“The national science academies of every major country in the world have confirmed that climate change is real. NASA and 97 percent of scientists confirm that climate change is real. But 135 members of Congress are in denial.” —Organizing For Action (formerly Organizing For America), Aug. 13, 2013   Overview We find at least one significant error in every sentence….
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