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Did Henry Kissinger call ‘depopulation’ a priority?

Quote Check: Attributed to former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger: “Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world, because the … Continue reading

Voter I.D.: PolitiFact Missouri vs. Will Kraus

Will Kraus “Says Missouri needs a voter I.D. law because ‘there’s over 16 people in the state of Missouri who have been convicted of some … Continue reading

PolitiFact botches judgment on Ben Carson tax plan

“[Becky] Quick’s math is sound, based on what’s publicly known about Carson’s plan. Carson’s 15 percent flat tax would generate a $1.1 trillion hole. By … Continue reading

Gowdy Gotcha?

Trey Gowdy vs. PolitiFact “Gowdy has a point that he’s still waiting on quite a few documents, but it goes too far to say he … Continue reading

Koch brothers to spend $900 million on 2016 election?

“(T)he Koch brothers, the second wealthiest family in America, are going to spend $900 million in the coming election cycle.” —Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on … Continue reading

PolitiFact burns Bernie Sanders

“Sanders said that “in this last election in November, … 63 percent of the American people chose not to vote, … 80 percent of young … Continue reading

Alligator attacks, guns and PolitiFact Florida

“(Erek) Culbreath said, ‘According to the state of Florida, you are almost twice as likely to get attacked by an alligator than by someone with … Continue reading

Fact checking PolitiFact’s stock market numbers

“These numbers show that Webb is definitely right for the NASDAQ Composite (in fact, he underestimates a bit) and that he’s just about on target … Continue reading

The 60 percent pay gap in Silicon Valley

“One recent report on the gender pay gap in the Valley found that a woman with a bachelor’s degree here tends to make 60 percent … Continue reading

It’s a myth Obama wants the U.S. alone to stop climate change?

“Myth: President Obama wants the United States to stop climate change alone.” —The Democratic National Committee, December 2014 on its “Your Republican Uncle” website   … Continue reading

FiveThirtyEight and atheists in prison

“Atheists are underrepresented [in federal prison].” Mona Chalabi, in a March 12, 2015 article for FiveThirtyEight   Overview FiveThirtyEight uses data inadequate for the task … Continue reading

Did Netanyahu take Kerry out of context?

“Netanyahu Takes Kerry Out of Context” —, from a March 3, 2015 fact check of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu   Overview’s assertion that … Continue reading

Would the 2013 immigration reform bill have allowed immigrants to take American jobs?

“Myth: Immigration reform will allow illegal immigrants to take away jobs from hard-working Americans.” —The Democratic National Committee, from its “Your Republican Uncle” website, November … Continue reading

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"Your Republican Uncle"

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The Gender Pay Gap

How mainstream media fact checkers routinely botch the gender pay gap issue.

Is the tea party movement racist?

Many have criticized the tea party movement on the grounds it is racist. We take an in-depth look at the evidence tea party critics use to support their charges.
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