A word about our introduction of strikethrough fact-checker logos

Zebra Fact Check logo

A post today criticizing PolitiFact accounts for our first use of a strikethrough format for the logo of a fact-checking organization.
On no account does the new style suggest that we want to eliminate any fact-checking organization so represented. If we want to see a fact-checking organization eliminated, we will assuredly state so plainly and state our reasoning for wanting to see it gone.

We do regard PolitiFact as clearly the worst of the “elite three” fact checkers, but we do not see it as irredeemable.

Unfortunately, its apparent stance that it needs no redeeming may stand in the way of improvement.

Moving forward, when we publish a critique of a fact-checking organization we will tend to use a strikethrough logo. The new style will help make clear we are not using the logo to misrepresent other fact-checkers’ content as our own, and help make clear that our article does not intend to endorse the content we critique.

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