August 2018 Q&A with Alexios Mantzarlis

Each month we pose a question to International Fact-Checking Network Director Alexios Mantzarlis. Our arrangement permits Mantzarlis to reply to questions at any time as his schedule permits.


ZEBRA FACT CHECK (Aug. 17, 2018)

The IFCN has published a review of its first year enforcing its principles. It has also revamped its web presence, including making the rules for compliance with the IFCN statement of principles more demanding. Some of the changes seem to bear on the question we asked in June 2018 about whether one fact-checking organization’s failure to address a pair of apparent errors served as an area of concern. 

The new descriptions of IFCN standards seem designed to encourage exemplary handling of corrections.

But to repeat the broader part of the June 2018 question, please describe the IFCN’s vision for ensuring that fact-checking organizations comply with their commitments to open and honest corrections. Please touch on the role of transparency in the effort to encourage compliance with that commitment.

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