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Fact checking AARP’s explanation of chained CPI

“After five years of retirement, when you’re 70 years old, you could lose $645.  And after 10 more years, when you’re 80 years old, you would’ve lost a grand total of $5,113.  In 25 years under chained CPI, you would’ve lost a grand total of $13,715.  That’s almost $14,000 of your hard-earned money, snatched from your wallet.” –David Certner, AARP…
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Does the AARP claim Romney’s plan would ‘undermine Medicare’?

Obama campaign video:  “AARP says (Romney’s plan) ‘would undermine … Medicare.’”   Overview An October 9 Obama campaign video presents the AARP as saying the Romney/Ryan premium support “voucher” system “would undermine … Medicare.”   The Facts The campaign video makes a series of claims about the Romney “voucher system” proposal before using a partial quotation from the AARP.  The…
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