YouTube transcript of the Lila Rose “Abortion is not medically necessary” video

Transcript via YouTube, punctuation added including capitalization. Source video here.

Abortion is not medically necessary. And let me explain that really quick because this is one of the biggest lies that the media tells. It is one of the biggest lies and it’s this the fear-mongering that makes good people think “Oh, I guess I have to be pro-choice.” “Oh, I guess I(‘m) only personally pro-life. I can’t be really a hundred percent because there’s some cases where abortion’s necessary, okay well I want to be a good person I guess that’s what I have to believe.” No.

Let me explain. If you talk to a doctor who is not indoctrinated by leftist talking points or the fact that they were forced to perform abortions in medical school about what it actually means to care for a pregnant mother you will discover that abortion, which is defined as the direct and intentional killing of an embryo, a fetus, a baby in the womb, is not a medical treatment.

And what I mean to say, then, is that when you are treating a mother who has a high-risk pregnancy, who has complications going in there to directly kill that child is not going to in any way solve her problems, help her heal, be a treatment for what she’s experiencing. Now, you could perhaps do an early delivery if she’s experiencing pre-eclampsia or she has a very severe condition that you need to deliver that baby early, but in that situation you don’t go in there with a needle or forceps to destroy that baby before birth. You give that baby a fighting chance and that is not abortion.

Do not let them lie to you. They are lying to the country. Do not let them lie to you. Abortion is not medically necessary. The direct and intentional killing of a child in the womb is not medically necessary. It never has been. It never will be.

Early delivery or removing an ectopic pregnancy, which is where the baby is in the Fallopian tube, and he is going to die because he can’t grow there, and the mother might die because it could rupture, is not done to intentionally kill a child. That’s not an abortion procedure. That’s a medical procedure because that baby is in a hostile environment and that mother’s life is in danger. I wish we had the medical technology to still save that baby’s life, but that is not an abortion.

You will always know an abortion by this: it is the direct and intentional destruction of an innocent human life. That is abortion, and that is what we are fighting.

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