IFCN News: Revisions coming to IFCN Code of Principles

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A June 11, 2019 post at Poynter.org’s page of fact-checking stories includes a paragraph announcing that Peter Cunliffe-Jones, former director of Africa Check and recently named as senior advisor for the International Fact-Checking Network, will work on revising the IFCN Code of Principles:

Peter Cunliffe-Jones, the founder of Africa Check and recently announced senior advisor of the IFCN, will deliver the conference’s keynote speech on Wednesday, June 19. Cunliffe-Jones is currently working on a large-scale revision of IFCN’s Code of Principles.

The IFCN’s first-year review of its efforts to verify signatories pointed out various problems it encountered and foreshadowed revisions to the Code:

With this document, we are sharing lessons and opportunity areas after the first year of applications. We are conscious that many other efforts are underway to whitelist or verify the accuracy and transparency of media outlets. It is not a simple task and we hope our shortcomings can help others do better.

We also reaffirm our openness to amend and improve the different parts of it. Fact-checking organizations are part of an increasingly complex information ecosystem. They too must be held accountable.

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