IFCN News: Maldito Bulo moves to lapsed verification list, FactCheck.org doesn’t (Updated)

Today, by 12:30 a.m. EDT, the International Fact-Checking Network had moved Maldito Bulo, a fact-checking organization from Spain, from its “Verified Signatories” list to the “Expired Verified Signatories” list.

Maldito Bulo’s certification date was June 7, 2018. FactCheck.org (United States) shared the same certification date but it remained on the “Verified Signatory” list.

IFCN Director Baybars Örsek has said organizations remain signatories in good standing during the re-evaluation process.

The IFCN has no announced time limit on the re-evaluation process.

Nieuwscheckers (Netherlands) occurs on the list of “Expired Verified Signatories” with its last evaluation date listed as Nov. 22, 2017. However, the linked assessment by independent assessor Margot Susca carries the date Aug. 14, 2018.

Update June 8, 2019 12:15 p.m.

Between the time our report was composed/scheduled for publication and 12:00 p.m on June 8, 2019 p.m., the IFCN list of signatories received a new update. Two fact-checking organizations with June 7, 2018 review anniversary dates joined Maldito Buro on the “Expired Verified Signatories” list. That list now consists of 20 organizations. The verified list now stands at 62 organizations.

The two organizations joining Maldito Buro on the “Expired” list were FactCheck.org and Science Feedback (France).



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