IFCN News: Fact checker from India violates IFCN Code of Principles?

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The International Fact-Checking Network today announced via Twitter that it received a report that one of its verified signatories from India had violated the IFCN Code of Principles.

The IFCN lists ten verified fact checking organizations from India.

  1. Alt News
  2. BOOM
  3. Digiteye India
  4. Factly Media & Research
  5. FactChecker.in
  6. FactCrescendo
  7. NewsMobile FACT CHECKER
  8. T.V Today Network Fact Check
  9. The Quint – Webqoof
  10. Vishvas News


The twitter response thread contains comments implicating Alt News as the offending organization, including this tweet hours before the IFCN announcment:


Zebra Fact Check called on the IFCN to disclose what criteria it uses to announce a complaint that an IFCN-verified signatory has violated its Code of Principles.

Zebra Fact Check has filed a number of complaints through the IFCN but without noting any public announcement about any of the complaints.

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