Security certificate added; fact checks and articles will follow

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Our switch to WestHost servers was a tad bumpier than we hoped, but nearly all the issues have been resolved and we have finally added a security certificate (SSL). As a result, comment forms and the soon-to-return $upport button will have secure (encrypted) connections.

The server issues, among other things, have sapped the amount of time we’ve been able to devote to writing and fact-checking.

Some partially completed items may yet see the finish line, and we’ll soon offer some observations on the International Fact-Checking Network’s efforts to verify compliance with its code of principles.

Facebook relies on the IFCN’s statement of principles as a minimum baseline for participation in identifying “fake news.” The IFCN’s verification process gives us the measure of the IFCN as a guarantor of fact checker reliability.

We appreciate our readers who have continued to visit the site despite the mere trickle of new content. We aim to improve on that state of affairs and explore ways to broaden and expand the mission.

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