IFCN News: Alt News update

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International Fact-Checking Network Director Baybars Orsek said this week that the IFCN has completed its collection of evidence about charges that fact checker Alt News (India) transgressed the IFCN Code of Principles.

Critics charged in June that Alt News broke the code through an executive’s association with a political group. The IFCN requires nonpartisanship from its signatory organizations.

The IFCN website offers the following definition of non-compliance with that part of its Code of Principles:

The applicant, (the specific fact-checking organisation or section) has (a) endorsed a candidate, party or policy campaign (b) allows staff to take an active part in advocacy or (c) does not have a public non-partisanship policy that applies across the organization.

Orsek said the IFCN will decide the issue next week.

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