IFCN News: Pesa Check joins the ranks of “expired verified signatories”

One day after the International Fact-Checking Network moved France’s Libération – CheckNews to the list of “expired verified signatories,” Kenya’s Pesa Check joined it there. Pesa Check was verified by the IFCN on June 12, 2018. The IFCN requires annual re-certification of signatories to its statement of principles (related: IFCN principles in for changes). With a year having passed since its verification date and no 2019 re-verification yet completed, Pesa Check joins 21 other fact-checking organizations on the list of “expired verified signatories.”

Note that the IFCN, per director Baybars Örsek, still considers organizations on the expired list verified signatories while the re-verification process continues. The IFCN has not publicly released information about the duration of or any time limit on that process. Nor does the IFCN publicize applications until after the organization passes its assessment.

Sixty signatories remain on the unexpired verified list.

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