IFCN News: IFCN Re-verifies Lead Stories

The International Fact-Checking Network accepted the re-verification of the fact-checking organization Lead Stories on June 13, 2019.

The annual assessment, by independent assessor Margot Susca, was dated May 17, 2019.

Susca rated Lead Stories fully compliant with IFCN criteria, recommending the IFCN accept Lead Stories as compliant with the Code of Principles:

I think Lead Stories has shown that it takes its role as a signatory of the IFCN principles seriously. I note all areas are fully compliant (please see my next comment, however, related to Corrections), and some of its work could serve as models for other sites attempting to launch fact checking sites or to explain current fact checking work.

Though Fact Check Georgia received a “partially compliant” rating for one criterion on corrections policies (6b) because it lacked a dedicated page listing corrections, Susca expressed uncertainty about whether the Code of Principles requires that of fact-checking organizations. Susca rated Lead Stories fully compliant though she saw no evidence of a corrections page:

Please note: I do not see a link to one separate CORRECTIONS page on Lead Stories website. I do see examples of corrections made. If a full corrections page is required, I would mark this area as “partially compliant” but because I do see the evidence of corrections made, I am listing it as Fully Compliant.


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